ReachPlus Alerts is no longer in production

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A brief history of ReachPlus



NetPage, the first in the family of ReachPlus Alerting solutions was developed in 2002. A purpose built one-way notification tool leveraging windows messenger service (net send) capabilities of windows operating systems.


ReachPlus Alerts Basic

A follow-up to the NetPage alerting software was ReachPlus Alerts Basic, a solution that offered all the functionality of NetPage with the ability to define IP ranges.


ReachPlus Alerts Advanced

Features such as recipient groups and alert levels are added keeping in mind the challenges faced by organizations when trying to effectively alert personnel.


ReachPlus Alerts Premium

We respond to the market and add branding and Active Directory support based on popular demand.


ReachPlus Alerts Synergy

Based on our experience developing solutions for emergency alerting and internal communication, our team has built an easy to use multi-channel alerting solution that may be accessed through a web-based interface to send alerts to desktop and mobile applications as well as through Push Notifications, SMS and Email.